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Henson Racing Engines, located in Central Oklahoma, offers a complete line of machine shop services at competitive prices. Capabilities extend beyond what typical shops can accomplish, which insures your engine has the precision necessary to produce results. 

With the aim of producing "The Best In The World," we have selected some of the most advanced computer-controlled engine-remanufacturing machine tools available today. Combined with our intimate knowledge of High Performance Engines we have created the ultimate facility for your application.

Henson Racing Engines offers a complete state of the art engine machining , development, assembly facility, and in-house dyno tuning. 

Henson Racing Engines assembles engines utilizing proven parts and superior machine shop capabilities.  This process includes computer simulation programs, CNC machining centers with fixturing designed to utilize Datum's from the crankshaft and camshaft . OEM manufacturing and after-market suppliers utilize the pan rail, which inherently produces tolerances that can be greatly improved by Henson's machining process. Even with brand new components such as, engine blocks, cylinder heads and rotating assemblies.

Henson Racing Engines has more than 25 years of experience as an Engine Builder. Henson’s can produce competitive short and long blocks for all out racing needs. 

Henson Racing Engines has extensive relationships with parts suppliers to provide quality parts at competitive prices, coupled with the experience to guide you through combinations that work. See our suppliers page.